About us

  • REFMON has already been worldwide known, but still considering as one of the most
    challenging companies, mainly producing refractory expendables and pre-cast shapes.
  • Thanks to its outstanding and proved quality, producing by vibrocast technology with
    chemical bonding agent REFMON’s refractories can be found in five continents already.
  • Thanks to our loyal customers as well as our business networks, REFMON is stably presented
    in more than thirty-seven countries and this number grows continuously.
  • REFMON always seeks to its further expansion and our goal is being a trustful and
    reliable partner of our customers mostly working with sodalime-glass, borosilicate-glass,
    different types of crystal glasses and special glasses.
  • Such market coverage and customer satisfaction would not been achieved without the
    enthusiastic, skilled members of REFMON and without applying our key values such as

REFMON marketing policy
We believe, serving our recent and potential customers by establishing WIN-WIN situation
is what makes a fruitful long-term cooperation. By combining our open-minded
business policy with REFMON’s individual manufacturing process working with selected
raw materials leads to the highest performance refractories, especially a REAL excellent
thermal shock resistance and low bubbling potential resulting proper glass corrosion resistance,
REFMON can be successfully differentiated from the competition.

History of REFMON
Company foundation has been begun by leading of a refractory specialist, a highly educated
Hungarian refractory expert with association of an American refractory manufacturer
company in 1997. The main focus was to fulfill special requirements of primarily glass
melting and liquid steel industries and special applications.

1997 Foundation.
1997 Entering of EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
1999 Opening of a brand new manufacturing hall. 2000 Entering of EN ISO 14001
Environmental Management System. 2010 Acquisition by Germany-owned companies,
KALENBORN and LIPHARD. Interest is growing in ceramic and biomass industry.
2014 Doubling sintering capacity, installation of a second furnace.
2017 Opening our new manufacturing hall, increased production capacity.